Bianca Robles-Munoz


Bianca Robles-Muñoz is a fourth-year undergraduate student from Houston, TX majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences and minoring in American Sign Language and Latino/a/x Studies at the University of Iowa. Bianca began working in the lab in Fall 2018 as a research assistant, briefly served as lab manager, and now leads her community engagement project known as the TOGETHER (Targeting our Goals for Equitable Treatment in Healthcare, Education and Research) Series, a virtual series of seminars whose mission is to address the need for culturally responsive care in health professions and research to better serve underserved and marginalized populations. Dr. Hendrickson and Anu Subramanian serve as her faculty mentors for this project and she works alongside a team of graduate and undergraduate students to put the series together. Recordings of the series and more information can be found at: 

Bianca has special interests in bilingualism, working with Deaf/Hard of Hearing populations, and gender-affirming voice therapy. She is currently the VP of Programs of Students to Assist Recruitment (STAR) and has been involved in various organizations on campus such as the Women's Summit, Hawkeye Service Teams, and Iowa Edge. She will be graduating in Spring 2021 and beginning her M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology. In her free time she attempts to keep her plants alive, paint, and calls her family pitbull Chiquita on FaceTime. 

bianca robles-munoz